Dimitrova, Stephania

Dimitrova, Stephania, Dr. Sociology of Culture, MA Psychology, MA Science of Culture: Resident scholar: Center for International Research in Education and Culture; President of Foundation for Cultural Studies Madara, Bulgaria (since 1987 – present). Lecturer at Sofia University, University of National and World Economy in Bulgaria and Nagoya University – Japan. Main topics of research and teaching Cross-cultural Studies, Sociology and Psychology of Culture, Educational and Social Psychology. Has chaired number of sessions and panels of international conferences and supervised international research projects. Authored the series The Parables of the East – Psychotherapy of Everyday Life I & II volume. Published a large number of articles focused on mythological studies, psychology of culture, psychology of art, comparative educational psychology. She is currently at work on the book The Psychological Time in Ancient Ritual Tradition. Research or paper presentation in: Japan, India, Norway, Croatia, Hungary, Belgium, Greece, Czech republic.

Email: bbsd90@yahoo.com

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