Dip, Nerina

Dip, Nerina, born 1966 in Argentina; She has a degree in Theatre from the University of Tucumán, Argentina (UNT), and from the University of Santa Catarina, Brazil (UDESC). She was professor at the University of Tucumán, where she also searching about Performances Studies.

She has published many articles in O Teatro trascende (Brazil), El Apuntador (Argentina), Picadero (Argentina) ABRACE (Brazil).

She is working at the moment as Representante del Quehacer Teatral Nacional, as a member of the Consejo Directivo del Instituto Nacional del Teatro (Argentina). She was a member of the Consejo Editorial from Instituto Nacional del Teatro.

She wrote a thesis on Perfomance, group and actors alone in the contemporary Theatre.

Email: nerinadip@yahoo.com.br

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The Treatment of Scenic Objekts in Tucuman’s Contemporary Theatre (17.Nr.)

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