Duška, Knežević Hočevar

Duška, Knežević Hočevar, Dr.: born 1965 in Slovenia, Diploma in analytical sociology at Faculty of Sociology, Political Sciences¸ and Journalism, Univ. of Ljubljana, 1990. MA in theoretical sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences, 1994. PhD in historical anthropology at the graduate Faculty of Humanities (ISH), Ljubljana, 1998. Posts held: Research fellow at the Institute of Medical Sciences in Scientific Research Centre at Slovenian Academy of Sciences & Arts in Ljubljana; Assistant Professor, and Modul Coordinator for Anthropology of Ethnicity, Nationalism and Boundaries at Graduate School of Humanities (ISH), Ljubljana; Funded Researches: 2003-2006: OSI – HESP (Open Society Institute – Higher Education Support Program) Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching; project Post-colony and post-socialism contexts in social scientific writing and teaching: lecturer, 1999-2003: National Programme Group Fertility Behaviour of Slovenian Citizens: a full-time researcher; Recent Publications: 2003. „Idejno ozadje esencialističnih predstav o rodnosti v treh primerih presoj nacionalne populacije“ (The Ideational Background of Essentialist Notions on Fertility: Three Cases). Družboslovne razprave 19/43, pp. 29-46. 2003. „Local and National Narratives of a Border Regime between Slovenia and Croatia“. European Studies: A Journal of European Culture, History and Politics – special issue – series: Anderson; James, O’Dowd Liam in Thomas M. Wilson (eds.), Culture Cooperation and Conflict at International Borders in Europe, 19, Amsterdam/New York, NY, pp.171-194. 2003. „Medijska govorica o nacionalni reprodukciji v postsocialistični Sloveniji“ (The media discourse on national reproduction in post-socialist Slovenia). Teorija in praksa, 40/2, pp. 335-356.

Email: duska@zrc-sazu.si; duska.hocevar@guest.arnes.si

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