Dzhakubova, Nurzhamal Ibraevna

Dzhakubova, Nurzhamal Ibraevna is a social pedagogue and an outstanding worker in the Kyrgyz national education system. Born in 1956 in Bishkek, she devoted her whole life to children’s education: working in the Kyrgyz pedagogical college, being a school principal, as an inspector in the commission for childhood protection of the Alamidin Educational Department. She used to be a consultant on children’s problems in the office of the state program “new generation” dealing with children’s rights protection. She is a consultant on social issues in the international organization «Every Child» and educational coordinator in the “Save the Children” fund. (UK). As one of the initiators of introducing social pedagogy to the Kyrgyz Republic she is the author of articles and methodical manuals and research works on the many social questions of children and families in difficult life situations. She has three children

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