Efegil, Ertan

Efegil, Ertan, Asst. Prof. Dr., got his PhD degree from Gazi University Institute of Social Sciences in Ankara, Turkey. His PhD thesis is on the Foreign Policymaking Process of Turkey. 1998–1999 he worked as lecturer at International Turkmen – Turkish University, Turkmenistan, 1999–2004 at Eastern Mediterranean University Department of International Relations, since 2005 at Department of International Relations, Beykent University, Istanbul.

He has published several essays about Cyprus Question, Turkey’s Central Asia Policy, Strategic Competition among Great Powers on the matter of energy resources of the Caspian Sea, Turkish foreign policy, Turkmenistan’s energy policies. He also published various edited books about Geopolitics of Central Asia, Gulf War, EU – Turkey Relations. He is member of KOKSAV Social and Strategical Studies, Ankara, Turkey.

Email: eefegil@hotmail.com

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Analysıs of the EU’s Central Asıa Polıcy: From Project Oriented Approach to New Strategic Partnership (17.Nr.)

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