El-Zeiny, Nagwa Taha

El-Zeiny, Nagwa Taha, Dr.: born in Cairo. Nagwa has studied English in Cairo, and graduated from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Department of English language and literature. In 1985, Nagwa received her MA degree in TEFL from the American University in Cairo, and she wrote her MA thesis Greetings and Farewells in Cairene Arabic, under the supervision of Prof. P. Stevens, and Prof. S. Gamal Eddin. This thesis is now available in the Rare Collections Publications Center at AUC. As for the PhD, it was in the thorny field of translation quality assessment under the supervision of Prof. S. Gamal Eddin, Cairo University, yet it was published in the UMI Michigan 1995. However, Dr. El-Zeiny has also pursued another BA degree in the Arabic Language and Islamic studies from Al-Azhar University, 1999 which is a very interesting field that has encouraged her to write more research in contrastive linguistics. This study has also given her more insight in translation from Classical Arabic into English, especially in the field of Islamic culture and heritage. The main two works she translated are The Encyclopedia of Hajj (Pilgrimage) from Arabic (Horizon Technology), and the Active Study Dictionary, Longman, from English into Arabic. Dr El-Zeiny has a long experience in the teaching of English linguistics and translation. She has taught at the University of Helwan, University of Alexandria and the American University in Cairo and the American Open University in Cairo too. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor of linguistics and translation at the Faculty of Arts, Helwan University. Dr El-Zeiny has also participated in a number of conferences on linguistics and translation in London, Scotland, France, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco and Jordan. Her fields of interest are contrastive linguistics and translation.

Email: dr_nagwa@hotmail.com

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