Eppler, Eva

Eppler, Eva: read English and German Language and Literature at Vienna University and held a Teaching Assistantship at the Department of English there before moving to London in 1995 to do a PhD in Linguistics at University College London (UCL). During her „Wanderjahre“ she worked at the Universities of London, Lancaster and Strathclyde. She is presently Senior Lecturer and Programme Convener of English Language and Linguistics at Roehampton University, London. She teaches Socio- and Psycho-linguistics. Her main research area is structural (morpho-syntactic) aspects of bilingual speech, but she also publishes on inter-cultural aspects of the bilingual experience. She is a member of the LIPPS (Language Interaction in Plurilingual and Plurilectal Speakers) group whose main aim is to develop the Language Interaction Data Exchange System (LIDES) further.

Email: evieppler@hotmail.com

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Unifying and Dividing Aspects of Culture: Borrowing and Translation among Viennese Jewish Refugees in London (15.Nr.)

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