Ervas, Francesca

Ervas, Francesca (*1978 in Treviso, Italy) is a Post doc Fellow in Philosophy of Language at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Roma Tre. In 2002, she finished her Master Degree in Philosophy at the University of Padua, with a thesis entitled Il problema della traduzione in Donald Davidson. L’interprete radicale come ‘misura’ della traduzione [The problem of translation in the work of Donald Davidson. The radical interpreter as “measure” of translation]; in 2004, she was visiting student at the Department of General Linguistics, University of Helsinki for research in the “Multilingual Communication Programme”; in 2006, she received her European PhD in Philosophy and Theory of Human Sciences by the University of Roma Tre, with a dissertation entitled Equivalence in Translation. A philosophical approach. Her areas of specialization are philosophy of mind, philosophy of language and Translation Studies.


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A naturalistic explanation of communication across cultures (17.Nr.)

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