Forbes, Duncan

Forbes, Duncan, Senior Curator of Photography at the Scottish National Photography Collection at the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh. He lectured in the History of Art at the University of Aberdeen from 1996 to 2000, having graduates M.A., Ph.D. from the University of St. Andrews in 1990 and 1996. He had a Robert T. Jones Memorial Scholarship to undertake a graduate course in Film Studies at the Institute of Library Arts, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia from 1990–92; and has been the recipient of scholarships and awards from the British Academy, the Leverhulme Trust, the Getty Foundation, the Paul Mellon Foundation and the Harry Ransom Centre at the University of Austin, Texas. His research interests focus nineteenth-century Scottish painting and twentieth-century German and Austrian photography; and he has published extensively, in History Workshop Journal, Oxford Art Journal, Third Text and elsewhere, as well as in a number volumes of collected essays.

Recent publications include:

  • Wolfgang Suschitzky and the British documentary tradition in the 1930s, in Anna Auer (ed.), Photography and research in Austria (Passau, 2002);
  • An Exile’s Eye: the photography of Wolfgang Suschitzky (National Galleries of Scotland, 2002);
  • Politics, Photography and Exile in the Life of Edith Tudor Hart, in Shulamith Behr and Matian Malet (eds.), Arts in Exile in Britain (Amsterdam, 2005);
  • Wolfgang Suschitzky in Vienna and London, in Michael Omasta et al. (eds.), Wolf Suschitzky Photos (Vienna, 2006); and (with Roberta McGarth),
  • Head in Hieroglyphic Bonnets, in Joanna Kaye, The Somnambulists (Stockport, 2007).


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