Ganguly, Sanjoy

Ganguly, Sanjoy is India’s most important socio-political theatre maker and founder of a theatre group network, active in ten Indian federal states and has over one thousand members.

The participants are farmers, women, untouchables, inhabitants of slums, Hindus and Moslems who, with the medium of theatre, have found a method with byby which they can discuss their problems and improve their situation.
Most of the actors of the network used to be excluded from socio-political discussions because they had „nothing to say“, and were married off, had to work to support their families and had no choice in most situations in life. Jana Sanskriti’s work made and makes it possible to find decisions in this world of necessity. People begin to talk and take action, to develop a collective language and to create their reality in an active way.

Apart from their theatre work, Jana Sanskriti has founded human rights committees and even schools in order to put the decisions they found while working with the spectators into practice.

Along with the numerous active actors in Jana Sanskriti there is a broader network of almost one thousand people.
Through his work and by using Augusto Boal’s methods, Sanjoy Ganguly has developed a means for social change which has led into a cultural movement. This movement reaches far beyond the normal activity of political theatre work. Topics such as alcoholism, domestic violence, equal pay for the same work for women and men, human rights, women’s health care, corruption and citizens‘ right to be informed are dealt with by everyone in front of everyone (through forum theatre performances in which anyone can take part). Suggested solutions and forms of dealing with the problem are then actually put into practice.

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The philosophycal and practical framework of Jana Sanskriti’s work during the last 20 years in West Bengal (17.Nr.)

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