Geybullayeva, Rahilya

Geybullayeva, Rahilya, Prof. Dr., Head of Azerbaijani Literature Department, Baku Slavic University, PhD from M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Doktor nauk from Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Lecturer on Comparative Literature and Azerbaijani Literature Served as Fulbright scholar on Comparative Literature at University of Wisconsin (Madison) and UNESCO scholar on Theory of Literature at SOAS, London University.

Research areas are national literature and culture concept, theory of dominants in literature, cultural values in literature, system theory in literature and sujet. She is editor of some collections, manuals and monograph, including the Yearbook “Edebi-nezeri mecmue” by Literary Institute, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (Literary-Theoretical Collection) (2002, 2004, 2005)

She has published 4 monographs and manual, also about 80 articles and papers, presented at numerous international conferences, including Baku, Tallinn, Istanbul, Ankara (Turkey), Moscow State University, Seoul (South Korea), Bordeaux (France), Tartu Univ. (Estonia), London Univ. (UK), Wisconsin Univ., Boston Univ., Harvard Univ. Michigan Univ. (USA), Vienna Univ. (Austria), Copenhagen Univ. (Denmark), MIT (USA), III CONIEC (Brazil), ICLA (Brazil).


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Theory of Dominants as Premises of Innovation of Literary Texts (16.Nr.)

From Convergence to… Convergence Culture (17.Nr.)

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