Giannakopoulos, Angelos

Giannakopoulos, Angelos, Dr.: PhD in Sociology (Tübingen, Germany); Master in Political Science (Athens), research and teaching assistant, Department of Sociology, University of Konstanz, Germany. Fields of research: modernization of Southeastern Europe, social history of Greece, Eastern Churches traditions and modernity, European integration and identity. Coordinator of the international research project: „European Integration and Cultural Patterns of Thought and Perception. Cultural Aspects of the EU-Enlargement Process on the Basis of the Relations between the EU and Turkey“ supported by the „Volkswagen Foundation“ (2003 – 2005). Researcher and Head of the Project Office within the international research project: „Crime as a Cultural Problem. The Relevance of Perceptions of Corruption to Crime Prevention. A Comparative Cultural Study in the EU-Accession and Candidate States and the EU-States Germany and Greece and United Kingdom“ (supported within the 6 th Framework Programme of the European Commission, Brussels, 2006 – 2008).


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Kulturelle Differenzen und symbolische Grenzen: europäische Identität und die Türkei (15.Nr.)


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