Givishvili, Shalva

Givishvili, Shalva: born 1953 in Georgia; historian, author of about 20 scientific works in the field of Historical Geography and Ethnography of Caucasus; author of conceptual works on the issues of the development of ecological-community movement in Caucasus and those of tourism in Georgia. Studying at Telavi State Pedagogic Institute; Specialty of History; participant of Ethnographic and Historical-Geographic Expeditions of Georgian Science Academy; 1980-1989: Founder and Head of the Cultural-Tourist Complex of Shuamta (museum, ethnographic works, riding-tourist camping, bio-economy). 1999: Mega-project „Visit Caucasus“, author; The Project „Information Provision of the Tourist Area of the Silk Road“, „Database and Web-Site of Georgian Tourist Potentiality“ – Author and Director of the Project; (, present Web-Site:,; 2001: Establishing a Coalition Organization „Caucasus Tourist Information System“, Chairman of the Board of Directors; Coalition Project „Caucasus Tourist Information System“, Programme for Regional Collaboration in the South Caucasus; Project Author and Director; Establishing a Coalition NGO „Caucasian Ecological-Community Movement Centre“, Launching a corporate Web-Site; 2002: Session of the Board of Directors of „The Centre of Ecological-community Movement in the South Caucasus“ in Ujarma, elaborating a project proposal „Eco-community in Ujarma’; Organizing an International Conference „Information Technologies in Tourism“; Launching Georgian Tourist Portal in the Internet; Expedition to Lakbe Ravine, elaborating the concept „Eco-Community of Lakbe“; Expedition to the North-West Province of Azerbaijani Republic; Seminar „Vazha-Pshavela, as a Founder of Ecological Awareness and Morale in Caucasus“.


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