Golz, Sabine

Golz, Sabine, is Associate Professor of Cinema and Comparative Literature. She is the author of The Split Scene of Reading: Nietzsche / Derrida / Kafka / Bachmann (1998). Her research interests concern theories of textuality, the function of gender and metaphor in European literature of the 19th & 20th centuries (mostly German, but also French and Russian), a poetics of reading, the relation of photography and textuality, theoretical models for constructing „space“ in a literary and cultural context, and the urban semiotics of the city of Moscow. She has written on Ilse Aichinger, Apollinaire, Bachmann, Becker, Derrida, Dischereit, von Günderrode, and Novalis. She has also translated from English into German, and from Russian into English. Currently, she is working on two books: Mirrored in the Open Soul. Karoline v. Günderrode and Early Romanticism and Benjamin’s Shadow, Photography, Textuality, and Reading as Visualization. Gölz is also a photographer, with exhibitions in Russia and the U.S.

Email: sabine-golz@uiowa.edu

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