Gurevich, Olga

Gurevich, Olga: PhD candidate in Linguistics at UC Berkeley, USA. Grew up in Kazan, Russia. BA in Cognitive Science, University of Virginia, USA. MA in Linguistics, University Berkeley, USA. Specializes in morphosyntax, cognitive and computational linguistics. Works on Slavic languages and languages of the Caucasus. Dissertation is an analysis of Georgian verbal morphology and other non-compositional morphological systems within the framework of Construction Grammar (to be completed in May 2006.). Publications: Steal Me an Apple: Version in Georgian; On the Status of the Morpheme in Georgian Verbal Morphology; A cognitive-linguistic analysis of Bulgakov’s „The Master and Margarita“. Has given several conference talks in Georgian. Introductory course on the structure of Georgian at Leipzig University, Germany.


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The sociolinguistics of borrowing: Georgian moxdoma and Russian proizojti ‘happen’ (16.Nr.)

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