Gyul, Elmira

Gyul, Elmira, Dr. of Sciences in Art Criticism, born 1962 in Kazakhstan. Graduated from faculty of history of Tashkent State University (1984). Leading scientific researcher at the Fine Arts Research Scientific Institute (Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, Tashkent).

Scientific publications: Monographs:

  1. “Dialogue of Cultures in Art of Uzbekistan”. Tashkent, 2005 (Grant of Swiss agency for development and cooperation).
  2. “Boysun. Atlas of handicrafts”. Tashkent, 2005 (UNESCO publishing, with A.Khakimov).
  3. “Oriental miniatures XIX – XX cc.”. Tashkent, 2004 (UNESCO publishing, with Sh. Shayakubov). Has over 100 scientific articles on the history, methodology and modern arts of Central Asia. Current researches: history of arts, applied arts, methodology and modern arts of Central Asia.


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