Habibollah, Abolhassan Shirazi

Habibollah, Abolhassan Shirazi: born 1963 in Teheran (Iran). Diploma Degree in Mathematic and Physic, Modarres Senior High School, Teheran, Iran, 1977-1981. BA and MA in Political Science, Faculty of Law and Political Science, Imam Sadeq University, Teheran, Iran, 1984-1988. Master of Science in Political Science, Department of Government and Public Administration, University of Sydney, Australia, 1992-1993. PhD in Regional Studies, Department of Government, University of Sydney, Australia, 1994-1998. Assistant Researcher in Touring and Economy Institute, Teheran, 1989-1990. Head Department of Political Science, Faculty of Arts, Azad University, 1987-1989. Deputy Department of Management and Economy, Faculty of Arts, Azad University, 1989-1991. Research Director, Graduate Studies, Faculty of Law and Political Science, Teheran Azad University, 1998-2000. Director of Graduate Studies, College of Political Science, Teheran Azad University, 2000-continues. Deputy Faculty of Political Science, Tehran Azad University, 2000-continues. Publications: The Economies of Central Asia, (Teheran: Ghomes Press, 2005). Social and Developmental Changes in Iran, (Teheran: Ghomes Press, 2003). Rishehaie Enghelabe Islami dar Iran or The Roots of Islamic Revolution in Iran, (Teheran: Mofahras Press, 1990). The US Press and Iran, (Teheran: MCIG Press, 2002). Challenges between Iran and Iraq, (Tehran: IRDC Press, 2002). „The Collapse of Soviet Rule: The Implications for Tajikistan“, Russian and Euro-Asian Bulletin, Vol.6, No.10, October 1997. „Tajikistan: Political Stability and Domestic Crisis Preventive Measures“, Central Asia and the Caucasus Review, No. 27, Fall 1999. “Russian and American National Interests in Central Asia“, Central Asia and the Caucasus Review, No. 29, Spring 2000. „Russian National Interests and Its Policies in the Caspian Geopolitical Region“, in Sally N. Cummings (ed.), Oil, Transition and Security in Central Asia, (London and New York: Routledge, 2003).

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