Hermanik, Klaus-Jürgen

Hermanik, Klaus-Jürgen, Dr. phil: studied German philology and Ethnology/Cultural Anthropology at the Karl-Franzens-University Graz. doctoral dissertation focused on the German author Albert Vigoleis Thelen. finished his PhD 1995. has dealt with small ethnic groups in the Alpine-Danube-Adriatic Region in his research. 2001-2004 has been scientific collaborator in a project on „(Hidden) minorities from Central Europe to the Balkans“. works at the Department of Southeastern European History at the University Graz; end of March 2005 he finished a scholarship for research in Ljubljana. As a lecturer he deals with „Identity constructions of small ethnic groups“ and “ Kočevje-Gottschee Region“.

Email: klaus-juergen.hermanik@uni-graz.at

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Bericht: In/visible communities at and across borders (15.Nr.)

Die versteckte slowenischsprachige Minderheit in der Steiermark (15.Nr.)

Bericht: Identitätsmanagement von Minderheiten im Alpen-Donau-Adria-Raum (16.Nr.)

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