Hruby, Florian

Hruby, Florian, born 1978, has been a student at the University of Vienna, Department of Geography and Regional Research, Cartography and Geoinformation since 1997. He has been teaching assistant on Geographic Information Systems since 2003. From 2004 on he has been project associate in the MUGL-project (Multimedia Globe Museum). He has acquired some international experience by participating during a three-month assistantship in the SICATUR-project (Sistema Cartográfico Turístico de la Costa de Jalisco) at the Department of Geography in the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. He graduated in November 2006 with a diploma thesis about a semiotic argumentation of cartographic signs. Currently he is working on a PhD-degree on the topic: Communicational Potential of Digital Globes. He is corresponding member of the Commission on Theoretical Cartography of the International Cartographic Association (ICA).


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Sektionsbericht 3.3. Cartographic Science as a Reflection of Knowledge Societies and Cultures | Kartographie als Reflexion von Wissensgesellschaften und Kulturen (18 Nr.)

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