Ibrahim, Mohamed Ibrahim Eid

Ibrahim, Mohamed Ibrahim Eid, born 1948. Professor – Head of the psychology Department, faculty of education Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. He is also the head of Ain shams university psychological clinic. He has participated in the discussion preparation and writing of the report entitled “The Egyptian cultural in a changing world”, issued by the legislative council (ef fuse council) and of the report of protecting the Egyptian monuments. He has a B.A in literature and education, a special diploma in education, M.A. in education and a Ph.D. in education (mental health). He worked in the ministry of education from 1970 to 1976, 1969 he started in the department of (Mental Health) – faculty of education ain shams university. 1996 he became Assistant professor and Professor in the department of psychology, faculty of education, Ain Shams University.

He is Member in different scientific associations: Vice president of the committee of clinical psychology, of modern education association, of the psychological and the red association.

Research and published studies:

  • Assertiveness and its relation with focus of control, anxiety, and shyness among youth.
  • The level of anxiety and its relationship with the achievement of students in the secondary and university levels.
  • Death anxiety and its relation with psychological changes among Saudi-youth often gulf countries was emotional stability and its relation with (…….) among university students.
  • Narcissism and its relation with the (ego) among adolescents. Measuring alienation and anomic
  • The building factors the Egyptian cultural characters. Tolerance and relation with dogmatism among university students.
  • A study of the main characteristics of social anxiety and its relation with the changing factors of sex and specialization among a sample of youth.
  • Self (……) and its relation with shyness among university students
  • A study of a characters positive traits and its relation with same of changes that (……) place

Published books:

  • Growth psychology (zahraa el sharq)
  • Creativity and talent (dar elm3rfa)
  • Psychological alienation (el ressala for advertisement)
  • Social psychology (anglo library)
  • Youth psychological crisis (zahraa el sharq)
  • Creativity, jelentity and anxiety. (Cairo modern library)
  • The psychology of abnormal (zahraa el sharq)
  • Reading and psychological tests (zahraa el sharq)

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