Ifukor, Presley

Ifukor, Presley is a PhD student of Computational Linguistics & Artificial Intelligence in the Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrück, Germany. He enjoys a rich multi-cultural as well as multi-lingual heritage. His doctoral work is on computational discourse processing and anaphora resolution. His research interests include: text, information, & communication technology in African languages, pronouns and anaphora resolution; analogical properties of natural language metaphors; natural language enginnering; language use in intelligent tutoring systems for Mathematics; socio- and comparative linguistics (Benue-Congo). His working languages are English, German, Yoruba, Edo, Ukwuani and Nigerian Pidgin. His most recent publications include:

Ifukor, Presley (2005) „Modelling the Mapping Mechanism in Metaphors“. In: Journal of Cognitive Science 6 : 21 – 44.

Ifukor, Presley (2006) „Sociolinguistic Variation in Second Language Competence: English Prepositional Usage among Nigerian Bilinguals. In: Maurice Vliegen (ed.), Variation in Sprachtheorie und Spracherwerb. Frankfurt: Peter Lang Verlag, 133-144.

More about his research activities can be found on: URL: http://www.cogsci.uni-osnabrueck.de/~CL/research/index.html

Email: pifukor@yahoo.com

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Globalisation and Text Technology in African Languages (16.Nr.)

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