Ipsen Guido

Ipsen Guido: Jun.-Prof. Dr. phil. (TU Dortmund). Studied English and German philology, history, philosophy and history of the arts at the University of Kassel (Germany) as well as information systems engineering at the University of Wolverhampton. Was awarded a Master of Arts (UK) degree in 1995. He then became research assistant, lecturing and doing research in Prof. Winfried Nöth´s semiotics division. He finished his thesis on the semiotics of hybrid structures in hypertext networks in 2001 (with distinction). He is now working on a second book (the German Habilitation). The project is a Historical Semiotics of the Media. He continued to work in the Kassel team of semioticians around W. Nöth as an assistant professor until 2003. Since August 2004 he has been working as a Professor for Scientific Communication and Semiotics at the University of Dortmund (Germany). He focuses on lecturing transdisciplinary subjects with linguistic and semiotic background. He also wrote an online introduction to linguistics and several papers and articles on semiotic and linguistic issues. His publications include numerous articles on linguistic and semiotic theory, cultural and media studies, and editions on general semiotics, media semiotics, and historical semiotics in collaboration with the journals Semiotica, Sign System Studies, and Zeitschrift für Semiotik. He is also part of the editorial board of the UMWEB series in semiotics. Since 2004, Guido Ipsen has been appointed permanent guest professor at the Finnish Network University for Semiotics.

Email: guido.ipsen@uni-dortmund.de

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