James, Danny

James, Danny, Professor of Hispanic Studies at the University of Aberdeen, occupied until 2007 the Bernado Mendel Chair in Latin American History at Indiana University, Bloomington. He was educated at Oxford University and the London School of Economics, where he took his doctorate. Following a spell as Research fellow at Cambridge University, he taught sociology at the University of Brasilia from 1979 to 1982. He taught at Yale University and Duke University before going to Indiana in 1999. He first went to Argentina, now his primary research interest is in 1972 and he has spent long periods there since, working on modern Argentine labour, social and cultural history.

Amongst his many publications are Resistance and Integration: Peronism and the Argentine Working Class 1943–1976 (1994) and Dona Maria’s Story: life, history, memory and political identity (2000), reflecting his interest in oral history. He is working with Mirta Lobato on the community of Berisso; and, before leaving for Aberdeen was co-director of the Indiana University Center for History and Memory.

Email: dajames@indiana.edu

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