Kalaycioglu, Sibel

Kalaycioglu, Sibel, Assoc. Prof: born 1952 in Turkey. Since 2004: Head of the Department of Sociology at the Middle East technical University in Ankara (Turkey): lecturing, supervision, researcher and administrator. 1974: B.SC. in Sociology (University of Kent at Canterbury). 1995: PH.D. in Sociology and Social Anthropology. Member of: European sociological association, Turkish national sociological association, Turkish national social sciences association. Publications: Mit Rittersberger- Tılıç, H., 1999 „Networks of Instrumental and Cultural Mutual Aid in a Sample of Migrant Families in Turkey“, IVth European Congress of Gerontology, Berlin. Mit Rittersberger- Tılıç, H., 2000 „Upward, Downward Mobility and Self-Recruitment through Different Pooling Practices“, European Social Science Conference, Amsterdam. Mit Rittersberger- Tılıç, H., 2000 „Economic, Social and Cultural Transfer Between Three Generations of Women“, XI th International Oral History Conference, Istanbul. 2000 „Irresistible Attraction of the Informal Sector Jobs: The Case of Female Workers in Domestic Service“, The International Association for Feminist Economics, İstanbul. 2003 „A Social Assessment Study of the Impact of Access to and Use of Water Resources in the GAP Region in Turkey with a Specific Emphasis on Women“, Third World Water Forum, Kyoto, Japan. 2003 „Dynamics of Understanding Poverty in Turkey: Reciprocal Survival Strategies, Social Networks, Gender and Ryral/ Urban Poverty“, Poverty and Social Deprivation in The Mediterranean Area: The local, national/ regional and global dimension, başlıklı konferansta sunulan davetli bildiri, Gümülcüne (Komotini), Greece (Published in 2005).

Email: ksibel@metu.edu.tr

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Dynamics of poverty in Turkey: from a specific focus on welfare system and social inclusion in Turkey, to combat rural/ urban poverty, and the significance of social networks and reciprocal survival strategies (16.Nr.)

Transformation of Work Conditions and its Implications for Employee-Employer Relations and Trade Unionism in Turkey (17.Nr.)

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