Kalouche, Fouad

Kalouche, Fouad, is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Albright College in Reading, PA. He has written on Ancient, Modern, and Postmodern ethics and political philosophies privileging Multiplicity and Indeterminacy. Kalouche is also the co-editor of two volumes of essays by Ali A. Mazrui on African Studies and Political Science, and the co-author (with Eric Mielants) of a study on the contemporary transformations of Capitalism. He is currently writing on political subjectivization (relying on Nietzsche, Castoriadis, Foucault, Deleuze, Braudel and Said, among others). Fouad Kalouche is co-editor of polylog: Forum for Intercultural Philosophy (www.polylog.org).

Email: fkalouche@alb.edu

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