Kelemen, János

Kelemen, János: born 1943 in Hungary. 1970: assistant professor at the Department of Philosophy of the Arts Faculty, University ELTE, Budapest. 1984: full professor of philosophy (ELTE) and Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. 1986 – 1990: head of the Department of Philosophy (ELTE). 1990 – 1995: director of the Hungarian Academy in Rome. 1995 – 1997: head of the Department of Italian language and literature, University of Szeged (Hungary). Since 1997 head of the Department of Philosophy (ELTE), and actually director of the same department which was transformed in an institute of philosophy. Author of more than 10 books published in Hungary and Italy on different philosophical problems and Italian literary history. Publications: Mi a strukturalizmus? (On Structuralism; Budapest 1969). A nyelvfilozfia kérdései Descartestl Rousseauig (Problems of the philosophy of language from Descartes to Rousseau; Budapest 1977). George Edward Moore (Budapest 1984). Nyelv És történetiség a német klasszikus filozfiában (Language and historicity in classical German philosophy; Budapest 1990). Profili ungheresi e altri saggi (Soveria Manelli; Messina 1994). Idealismo e storicismo nell´opera di Benedetto Croce (Soveria Manelli; Messina 1995). Olasz hermeneutika Crocétl Ecig (Italian hermeneutics from Croce to Eco; Budapest 1999). A filozfus Dante. Müvészet Ès nyelvfilozfiai exped’cik (Dante as philosopher: his theory of art and language; Budapest 2002). Several books as Editor; many articles in Hungarian and foreign languages. Editor of Doxa Philosophical Studies, Co-editor of European Journal for Semiotic Studies.


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Power and Language in Dante’s Philosophy of Language
(in: Macht der Zeichen, Zeichen der Macht. Festschrift für Jeff Bernard, TRANS-Studien zur Veränderung der Welt, Bd.3)

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