Kharchenko, Ananotoliy

Kharchenko, Ananotoliy, Dr of historical sciences, professor, Deputy Rector, was born in 1945. He is the author of 58 papers and monographs. His scientific fields: history of pedagogical science, politology.


  1. Perfection of training system as factor of the growth of state workers professional culture. In: Science and education. Moscow, 2006, N 1 (in Russian).
  2. State and problems of state youth policy realization. In: Education and Society, 2006, N 3 (38) /In Russian)
  3. .

  4. Civil patriotic upbringing of youth: conceptual approaches and experience of [their] realization. Monograph. Orel: ORASS, 2006 (In Russian).
  5. Formation of new approaches to the development of youth development. In: Round table “Youth as innovative generation. Orel: ORASS, 2007 (In Russian).


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