Kimmel, Michael

Kimmel, Michael, Dr.: born 1970. Resident in Vienna, Austria and Berlin, Germany. Specializes in socio-cultural cognition and in interdisciplinary methods in the cognitive sciences. 1995 graduated Political Sciences, Vienna University. Research interests: metaphor and image schemas in culture, present text-linguistic, psycholinguistic and ethnographic research on imagery and metaphor revolves around two foci: (1) imagery underlying narrative plot and „story logic“; (2) socio-cultural approaches to embodied imagery including cultural phenomenology and visual methods of studying postural and gestural style. Selected project cooperations: 2000/2001: Institute of Advanced Studies, Vienna: „Austrian Cognitive Science Map“; 2003/2004: Inst. of Psychology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences: „Image schemas in narrative macrostructures“; 2004/2005: Berlin Gesture Center: Guest researcher; 2005/2006: Austrian Academy of Sciences, Inst. f. European Integration Research: team-project „Media Analysis of the EU-Referenda in 6 countries“; 2005/2006: joint project with TU Berlin, Dept. of Psychology: „Image schemas in narrative macrostructures II. Memberships: Institut für Wissensorganisation (IWO), FIKUS (Forschungsinstitut f. Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften), Organizer of the Workgroup for „Mediated Cognition.



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The Cognitive Basis of Comparison in Anthropology (15.Nr.)

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