Kireeva, Angela

Kireeva, Angela, born in 1979 in Krasnodar (Krasnodar region, Russia). Obtained her bachelor’s degree at the Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University (Russia) in 2002, the MA course at the same university (PSLY) in 2002–2004. Since 2002, she has been lecturer in English and German Department at the linguistic university in Pyatigorsk. Since 2004, she has been lecturer of practical studies of English language for 2–3 courses of PSLY). In 2009 she obtained a degree of candidate of science.

In the area of research, Dr. Kireeva’s work dwells on cognitive science, frame-based model of concept “BANKING”, field theory and terminology. She has more than 25 published works in different editions amongst there are publications in 2 foreign journals.

She has published several articles in scholarly journals:

  • The essence of the notion ‘concept’ in cognitive linguistics (Astrahan, the Herald of Southern Russian University, 2006)
  • The works of verbalization of the concept BANKING with the help of modern English (Pyatigorsk, The Herald of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, 2008)
  • Some aspects of frame-based model of concept BANKING (Armavir, the Herald Pedagogical Institute, 2008)


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A Сoncept of Money Slang (18 Nr.)

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