Klimova, Svetlana

Klimova, Svetlana, Dr. habil. philosophy, Professor of the chair of philosophy of Belgorod state university, Russia, born in 1960. She is the author more than 80 scientific monographs and papers. She is the scientific secretary of dissertational council at Belgorod State University. Svetlana Klimova had the scientific grant of the Russian scientific humanitarian fund on philosophical investigation of Rozanov and Foucault’s ideas. Her scientific fields: Russian and Foreign philosophy, sociology of modern culture, myth-creation, spiritual life, etc.


  1. Conceptualizing Religious Discourse in the Work of Feodor Dostoevskij. In: Studies in East European Thought, Springer, 2007, (USA) http://www.springer.com
  2. .A pendulum of binary consciousness. In: Human Being, 2006
  3. Problems of poetics of Dostoevsky-Rozanov-Bachtin. In: Human Being, 2004

Email: sklimova@bsu.edu.ru


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