Körpez, Esra Çoker

Körpez, Esra Çoker received her MA  in 1994 from Wright State in Ohio, U.S.A and her PhD in 2001 from Dokuz Eylul in Izmir, Turkey. She is currently an assistant professor of American Culture and Literature at DEÜ where she teaches American Short Story, Native-American, Post-colonial and Children’s Literature.

Her research interests lie mainly in the fields of ethnic, fantastic/magical realist and children’s literature. She has published various articles on ethnic and gender issues. Some of which are “The Feminine Mystique of the South: Nostalgia and Critical Memory in Shirley Abbott’s Womenfolks, Growing Up Down South’“ Interactions, 17.2 (2008): 49–56; „Revisiting the Amy Tan Phenomenon: Storytelling and Ideology in Amy Tan’s Children’s Story The Moon Lady,“ Interactions 16.2 (2007): 87–96; „The Turkish Lover,“ Review, JAST 23 (2006): 147–48; „The Windigo Myth in The Antelope Wife and Last Standing Woman: The Evil Within and Without,“ Comparative Critical Studies 2.3 (2005): 349–63.

Email: korpez@hotmail.com

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Section report 2.2. City as the Literature of Transformation (18 Nr.)

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