Kolpina, Lola Vladimirovna

Kolpina, Lola Vladimirovna, born in 1972, Master of Sociological Sciences, Doctor of Sociological Sciences, the senior lecturer of the chair of social technologies of Belgorod State University, the member of Russian sociological association. She is the author of 35 papers and monographs, active participant in sociological investigations. Her scientific fields: problems of social health and a civil society formation.


  • Being of civil society in conditions of political reforming of current Russia. The monograph. Belgorod: Belgorod Institute of the State and Municipal Management, 2006.
  • Formation of Russian civil society as object of social technologies. In: Technologies of soft management in social systems, 2007.
  • Social health as a research problem. In: Informational and social-economic aspects of modern technologies creation, 2006.

Email: kolpina@bel.edu.ru

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