Kostova, Ludmilla

Kostova, Ludmilla: teaches British literature and cultural studies at the University of Veliko Turnovo in Bulgaria. Head of the Department of English and American Studies and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Modern Languages in Veliko Turnovo. Areas of teaching and research: m id- and late eighteenth-century literary history, comparative literature, gender studies, translation. Interested in Western images of Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Publications: Tales of the Periphery: the Balkans in Nineteenth-Century British Writing (1997); Liberating the Poetic Genius: William Blake and Mid- and Late Eighteenth-Century Literary History (1999). Number of articles on travel and its representations. Has chaired sessions and panels at a great number of international conferences. Organized several conventions at university and in the region. Edited volumes of proceedings and coordinated European and national projects.

Email: lkostova@mbox.digsys.bg

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Malcolm Bradbury’s To The Hermitage: Fiction, History, and the East/West Divide (16.Nr.)

Report: Border Zones: Travel, Fantasy and Representation (16.Nr.)

Taking Care of Nations: Rebecca West’s Black Lamb and Grey Falcon and the Ethics of Self and Other (15.Nr.)

Report: Re-telling the Past, Mapping the Future: Feminist Interventions across Times and Cultures (15.Nr.)

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