Kozak, Mioara

Kozak, Mioara, teaches Romanian Language and Literature at the National College “Unirea” of Târgu-Mureş, Romania. Currently she is a PhD. candidate in philology, developing a thesis on Eminescu´s poetics. She is a correspondent member of the Romanian-American Academy of Arts and Sciences and she attended numerous national and international conferences. Interests: linguistics, semantics, poetics.

Publications (in Romanian and international magazines):

  • Eminescu or on the Becoming of Word, Grammar & poetry,
  • Eminescu´s Intertext. (Post)modern Perspectives,
  • Mihai Eminescu. Languages of metaphor,
  • Eminescu´s Lyrical Discourse: Linguistic Networks and Semantic Fields.
  • She published the book EgoGrafii. Exerciţii de dicţie pentru păstrarea iluziilor (EgoGraphies. Exercises of Diction for Keeping Illusions).  

Email: kozakmioara@yahoo.com

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Mihai Eminescu – Hyperion or The Road to the Center (17.Nr.)

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