Krutikov, Mikhail

Krutikov, Mikhail, born in 1957 in Moscow, Diploma in Mathematics (MSc), Moscow State University (1979); Ph.D. in Jewish Literature, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New York (1998). Taught Jewish Studies and Yiddish Literature at Moscow State University for Humanities, Oxford Institute for Yiddish Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies of the Unviersity of London. Currently is Assistant Professor of Jewish-Slavic Cultural Relations at the Unviersity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA; Cultural and political columnist of the Yiddish weekly Forverts (New York); Fellow of the European Humanities Research Centre, University of Oxford; Research Associate of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies; Co-editor of East European Jewish Affairs, Associate Editor of Prooftexts.

Books: Yiddish Fiction and the Crisis of Modernity, 1905-1914 (Stanford University Press, 2001); co-editor of three volumes of the proceedings of the Annual Mendel Friedman Conferences in Yiddish Studies (Oxford: Legenda, 1999, 2000, 2001). Author of over 20 academic articles and over 500 newspaper articles.


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Yiddish between East and West: Expressionism, Revolution, and the Habsburg Myth in the Soviet Union (16.Nr.)

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