Kulinich Marina, 

Kulinich Marina,  Professor, Ph.D.,  Head of the English Department, Samara State  Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities, Russia. Vice-President of Samara Chapter of TESOL-Russia (National Association of Teachers of English); Member of Research and Methodology Council for Foreign Languages (Ministry of Education, Russian Federation).

Research interests: English word-building, terminology, stylistics, text interpretation, translation, intercultural communication, ELT methodology, British and American humor. 

Over 100 publications. Important: “Linguistic and cultural aspects of humor’ (2004) (in Russian),   textbook “Introduction into linguistic culture” (2002) (in Russian). Lecturing in Germany (Pädagogische Hochschule, Ludwigsburg); Lecturing in France (L’Unversite Catholique de L’Ouest, Angers). International conference participation – Poland, UK, Denmark (ESSE-9), Italy (ESSE-10)

Email: marina-kulinich@yandex.ru

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