Kurvet-Käosaar, Leena

Kurvet-Käosaar, Leena, Associate Professor for English at the Estonian Institute of Humanities, Tallinn University. She has a MA in Comparative Literature from Indiana University and a PhD in the same field from Tartu University. Her research interests include autobiography and life-writing, in particular women’s life writing, the genre of the diary and the personal narrative, corporeality as well as literary modernism/modernity.

Her recent publications include Embodied Subjectivity in the Diaries of Virginia Woolf, Aino Kallas and Anais Nin (Tartu UP, 2006) and Imagining a hospitable community in the deportation and emigration narratives of Baltic women (In Women’s Life-Writing and Imagined Communities. Ed. Cynthia Huff. Routledge, 2005.)

Email: leena.kurvet-kaosaar@ut.ee

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