Larina, Tatiana

Larina, Tatiana, born in 1955 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Full Professor of Linguistics at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Faculty of Philology (Moscow, Russia) and Moscow State Linguistic University. Member of the International Linguistic Politeness Research Group (UK). Research interests: Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Pragmatics, Anthropological Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Politeness Theory. Doctoral dissertation: Politeness in Intercultural Communication.

Major publications:

Books (published in Russian): Politeness in English and Russian Communicative Cultures (Moscow, 2003), English Communicative Behaviour (Voronezh, 2003), Politeness and Ethnic Communicative Style: comparative analyses of English and Russian communicative traditions (to be published), over 100 articles in Russian and English on Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Pragmatics, Politeness, Language and Culture acquisition. Among them (published in English): Negative politeness in English and Russian // Respectus Philologicus, Nr 8 (13), 2005, Pp. 25-39. Directness vs. Indirectness in Russian and English Communicative Cultures // General and Theoretical Papers. Essen: LAUD 2006. Paper ? 647. Universität Duisburg-Essen. 19 p. Socio-Cultural Organization of Society and Communicative Style // Nation and Language: Modern Aspects of Socio-Linguistic Development: Second International Conference Proceedings. Kaunas: Technologia, 2006. Pp. 138-143.

Latest conferences:

Cultures and Societies in Transition: India, Russia and Other CIS Countries, New Delhi, India: Jawaharlal Nehru University, February 2006; The 31 International LAUD Symposium on Intercultural Pragmatics, Landau, Germany 27–30 March, 2006; The Second International Conference Nation and Language: Aspect of Socio-Linguistic Development, 28–29 April, Panevezys, Lithuania; Congreso Internacional de lengua y literatura Rusas, Granada, Spain, 7–9 mayo 2007.


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