Lavrinenko, Valentina

Lavrinenko, Valentina, Ph.D. in English Philology, Professor of the European Languages Chair at Pyatigorsk Linguistic University, Russia. In 1976 got a doctorate degree in English Philology from Odessa University (Ukraine). She was on probation in the UK at Bristol University in 1993 and at Stanford School of Languages in London in 2007. Since 1970 has been teaching various aspects of the English language to the senior students and postgraduates at the English-German department: reading, writing, stylistic interpretation of English prose, translation. Since 1977 has been lecturer in translation and country studies (UK). Since 2007 has been teaching communication, critical reading and translation at the International Relations Institute of Pyatigorsk Linguistic University.

In the area of research, Prof. Lavrinenko dwells on English language morphology in historical perspective, cross-cultural conflict and communication, political correctness in language, gender aspects of communication, globalization and the language, comparative studies of Russian and English.

Published 52 articles in linguistic journals and 4 books on English learning.


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