Law, Alex

Law, Alex, lectures in Sociology at Abertay University, Dundee, Scotland. His first degree was from the Open University, from which he also received his M.Sc. in Policy Studies. He then studied for his doctorate at the University of Edinburgh. He teaches the sociology of Scotland, classical social theory, the sociology and theory of class, and cultural sociology. And his main research interests are ‘nation and society’; the theory and sociology of class; and cultural urbanism.

Since 2001 he has been publishing regularly in several volumes of collected essays and in journals such as Identities, Culture and Society, Historical Materialism, BSA Network, Geography, Journal of Intercultural Studies, Variant, Critique, Critical Social Policy, Industrial Relations Journal, Teaching and Teacher Education, Scottish Affairs, and Critical Discourse Studies Online. He has recently co-edited (with G. Monney), New Labour/Hard Labour (Bristol, 2007), contributing several essays, including one on ‘Academic Proletarians?’ He is an external consultant for the Open University.


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