Lee, Sunju

Lee, Sunju, received Ph.D. in Sociology at University of Essex, UK in 1999 (Ph.D. Thesis: Women and Transition: A case study of social policy effects in 1989–1996). Working as Research Fellow at the Research Department of Equality Policy, Korean Women’s Development Institute in Seoul, Korea, currently she is doing research on social policy and gender, migration.


  • Lee, S., Park, S. and Kim, E. (2006), A study on a comparison of child allowances and its introduction to Korea, Seoul: Korean Women’s Development Institute.
  • Lee, Sunju (2006), International Labor migration and gender: Limited inclusion and exclusion, Journal of Korean Women’s Studies, vol. 22, no.4, pp. 125–156.
  • Lee, S., Kim, Y., and Cho, J. (2005), Globalization and Women’s Migration in Asia, Seoul: Korean Women’s Development Institute.

Email: leesut@kwdimail.re.kr

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Ways of Thinking about Foreign Brides: Case of South Korean Local Communities (17.Nr.)

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