Mamdouh, Kamel Mohammed Ahmed

Mamdouh, Kamel Mohammed Ahmed: born 1983 in Egypt. 1998-2001 studied till was granted the GSC with grade 96 % & yet still studying in the faculty of computer science – Cairo university as a 3rd year undergraduate student of Computer Science with a fair grade Speaks & writes a fluent Arabic language as it’s his mother tongue. Summer training course in Microsystems software house database, technical support’s department, by the period 2003/2004. From 2005/ till now has been working on his graduation projects [Implementing code analysis tool to check written code extensibility, maintainability and flexibility as a contribution with project.] Implementing a code conventions checking tool (support SUN Java conventions and C++ GNU conventions). Performing a Design checking tool that extracts design from code or XMI files (Integration with ARGOUML) and checks for some design flaws of OOP languages. Implementing an optimization techniques checking tool that works to find performance issues in any OOP language] all are to be granted & admitted from the Faculty of Computer Science – Cairo University. Has experienced some Programming Skills & Development Tools. Excellent experience in the object oriented programming with C++, programming with Java/J2SE technology, knowledge of software design and architecture & software engineering. Very good experience in UML design and representation using Borland Together, data structures and file structures, SQL & x86 assemblies. Good experience in designing and implementing database systems using. Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Power Builder 6.5.



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