Maxakova, Ludmila

Maxakova, Ludmila: Doctor of Economics, member of Academy of Labor and Employment, Uzbekistan. Currently she is part of Center of effective economic policies (2000 – present) in position of Head of the Department of demography and labor market, responsible for analysis in fields of demography and labor market. Her main scientific subjects are migration of population, with the emphasis on labor migration. Previous to this position she was head of the Department of development of the labor forces in Research institute of development (1994-1997), where she conducted research in the field of employment. She worked at the Institute of macroeconomic and social studies (1997-2000) as Head of Department of demography and labor market, being responsible for analysis of statistics data and reports in field of demography and labor market. She is a member of Independent Research Board of NIS and Baltic countries on migration issues (1997), a member of IUSSP (International Union of scientific study population, 2005). Last monographies: Migration of population: problems of its regulation (Tashkent, 2002). Migration of Uzbekistan´s population (Tashkent, 2000).


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