McCaslin, Wanda D.

McCaslin, Wanda D., a Métis from northern Saskatchewan, she obtained her B.A., her LL.B. and is currently undertaking a Master in Laws dissertation at the University of Saskatchewan. After being accepted as a member of the Law Society of Saskatchewan, she worked with a private law firm and later with Saskatchewan legal aide. Since 1999, Ms. McCaslin has served as the Law Foundation of Saskatchewan Research Officer with the Native Law Centre of Canada. Her portfolio includes editing the text Justice As Healing: Indigenous Ways published in 2005, editing a newsletter on Aboriginal concepts of Justice, coordinating the Young Professionals International Project, and lecturing with the College of Law. Throughout her career, Aboriginal rights have been central to her work. Ms. McCaslin has presented in the area of Aboriginal justice, case law analysis, and international Indigenous matters. She has also been actively involved with Aboriginal community empowerment initiatives in the area of healing, Indigenous justice, housing, and youth.

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