Meštrović, Matko

Meštrović, Matko, Prof. PhD: interdisciplinary-oriented art historian. Senior Research Fellow (Emeritus) at the Zagreb Institute of Economics. Formerly Professor of Design Theory at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb and Director of the Institute for Culture of Croatia (1987 – 1992). During the 1960s gained a reputation among avant-garde artists and scientists as the organizer of the international New Tendencies movement. During the 1970s as consultant to the general manager of Zagreb Radio and Television tried to introduce the most advanced professional and theoretical knowledge in this area. Since that time he has also been active in the Sociological Society of Croatia. He conducted the research project „Cultural Capital and Development Strategy of Croatia“ in the Institute of Economics. Published several books: Design Theory and Environmental Problems (1980). The World, Consciousness and Dependence (1983). Commodity and Freedom (1995). Reality Time (2002).


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