Miteva, Ludmilla

Miteva, Ludmilla: BA, MA in English Philology at „St. Cyril and St. Methodius“ University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. PhD specialization in British children’s literature, Wolverhampton – Oxford, United Kingdom. PhD specialization in Vienna, Austria, Ph D. thesis on humor in contemporary children’s literature. 1999 present teaching at „St. Cyril and St. Methodius“ University of Veliko Turnovo, Department of British and American Studies. Research interests: criticism of children’s literature in English; European children’s literature; humor in children’s literature; fan fiction resulting from classical children’s books; children’s literature and art (featuring children; intended for children; produced by children); interdisciplinary approaches to children’s literature criticism; British history and civilization; history-civilization-literature; culture studies and literature/children’s literature.


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Dreaming of Eve: Milton versus Pullman (15.Nr.)

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