Molnár, Zsuzsa

Molnár, Zsuzsa: Since 2003: PhD student in Literary Sciences, University of Szeged, Departement of Contemporary Hungarian Literature. 1997 – 2002: University of Szeged, Departement of Hungarian Literature, M.A. in Hungarian Language and Literature (MA thesis: Visal narration of a literary script). 1996 – 2000: Universiy of Szeged, Departement of Finno-Ugrian Philology. 1995 – 2000: University of Szeged, Institute of History, Departement of Modern and Contemporary Hungarian History M.A. in History. Research Interest: texts of Peter Nadas, technique of visual narraton in contemporary hungarian literary texts.


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The Confrontation of Contemplation and Revelation. Visual and auditortexts in Péter Nádas’s ouvre (16.Nr.)

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