Morgan, Peter

Morgan, Peter: a ssociate Professor. Studying in Melbourne (Australia), Frankfurt and Berlin (Germany). Works in the area of ethnic community relations in Melbourne. Ph.D. on German literature and society at the time of the French Revolution. Interests: European literature, culture, history and languages, ethnicity and national identity in literature. Fluent in German, competent in French, Italian, Modern Greek and Latin. Publications include a book on Goethe and articles on German and European literature of the past three centuries. 1992 Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship by the Federal Republic of Germany. 2003 ARC Large Grant to research the works of the Albanian writer Ismail Kadare. 2004 Camargo Foundation Fellowship. Currently Head of the Department of European Languages and Studies at the University of Western Australia.


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Europe in the Antipodes: Changing Patterns in Research (3.Nr.)

Internationale Kulturwissenschaften
International Cultural Studies
Etudes culturelles internationales

Inter- and Cross-Cultural Studies in the Australian Context: The Self-Reflexive Moment
Etudes inter- et transculturelles dans le contexte australien: L’élément de réflexion introspective

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