Mouhidin, Helal

Mouhidin, Helal has got Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Manitoba, Canada . He is an Associate Professor at the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh and the Chair of the Center for Applied Social Studies, Dhaka. He worked as Research Coordinator, Associate or Consultant on research projects in Canada, Thailand and Bangladesh and published articles, reviews and conferences papers ( Viewing Through a „Transit Society” Model: Methodological Perspectives on the Study of Livelihood of Women Garment Workers of Bangladesh , Dhaka 2003; Gender Dimension of Indigenous Knowledge of Floodplain Fisheries Management in Bangladesh 1998; Revivalism of ‘Civil Society Mafias’ in Bangladesh Politics: Mass Upsurge of 1990 and Aftermath Re-examined , 2004). His research interests are gender analysis and gender sensitive project planning and organization, processes of vulnerability, marginalization, disenfranchisement, disentitlement and pauperization; survival strategies of marginalized people, globalization-led livelihood changes etc.


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