Musaevna, Jusupova Bakyt

Musaevna, Jusupova Bakyt, born in 1957 in Kyrgyzstan, Issykul Oblast, Aksuu region, in the village Novovoznesenovka. She graduated at the Pedagogical Institute in Kursk, Russia, specializing as a teacher of the Russian language and literature and in children’s pedagogy. Since 1980 Bakyt Musaevna has been working in pedagogical fields within the framework of the Vocational Technical Education. For the last 15 years she has been leading the Professional Lyzeum 43 for street children, which is situated in Kyrgyzstan, Sokuluk region, Janyjer village. As a partner of Art in Progress she has initiated the creation of a drama-pedagogical centre in her school, focused on the methods of Augusto Boal.


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The Integration of Homeless Children into a Society through Vital Skills Development (17.Nr.)

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